This Thursday, May 25th, SHS will run on a special schedule to facilitate the final session of SBAC testing for this year.

All Juniors will report for the SBAC at 7:55 (unless opted-out of the test). 9th, 10th, and 12th grade students report for the start of 1st Period at 9:10.

Buses will run at the normal times, and teachers may provide study sessions or other supervised activities in their rooms during the SBAC session. Students should check in with teachers prior to Thursday to see if such an activity is offered. The school will be supervised as normal during the SBAC for those students who wish to come in at the usual time for quiet study time.

The schedule for Thursday is as follows:

Morning SBAC Schedule
Session Start End Session Start End
SBAC 7:55 AM 9:05 AM
Pass 9:05 AM 9:10 AM
Period 1 9:10 AM 9:52 AM
Pass 9:52 AM 9:57 AM
Period 2 9:57 AM 10:39 AM
Pass 10:39 AM 10:44 AM
Period 3 10:44 AM 11:26 AM
1st Lunch 11:26 AM 11:56 AM Pass 11:26 AM 11:31 AM
Pass 11:56 AM 12:01 PM 1st 4th Period 11:31 AM 12:13 PM
2nd 4th Period 12:01 PM 12:43 PM 2nd Lunch 12:13 PM 12:43 PM
Pass 12:43 PM 12:48 PM
Period 5 12:48 PM 1:30 PM
Pass 1:30 PM 1:35 PM
Period 6 1:35 PM 2:17 PM
Pass 2:17 PM 2:22 PM
Period 7 2:22 PM 3:05 PM