• General Information:

    Seniors continue to search for available scholarships under the State, National, and Scholarship Search Sites tabs below.   Juniors, start planning for college now.  Take the SAT/ACT test at the end of your junior year and again at the beginning of your senior year.  Keep your academic resume updated.  A helpful source available to you is the “Understanding the College Process at Silverton High School” packet (counselors require you to have this packet completed when asking for a letter of recommendation and many teachers will ask for this information as well)  You may pick this packet up in the counseling center from Mrs. Eberle.  Freshman, Sophomore and Junior students keep a log of  volunteer, sports and club activities.  You will be able to use these logs when you are completing scholarship and college applications your senior year.  

    Fill out the FAFSA: Students applying for scholarships/college need to fill out the FAFSA. FAFSA opens October 1, 2016.

    Link to FAFSA: https://fafsa.ed.gov/ 

    Register with NCAA: Student Athletes who are interested in playing sports at a Division I or II University need to register with the NCAA by the end of your junior year in high school. Link to NCAA: www.eligibilitycenter.org


    Please note: we will update the local scholarship list as  we gather updated information from our scholarship donors.  Scholarships that have been updated for the class of 2016 have “Class of 2016” added to the scholarship title.

     Brent Strohmeyer Memorial Foundation Scholarship –Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria:

    1. Any graduating student or college student who is a resident in Linn, Marion, or Polk counties
    2. If you had your senior portraits taken at Stro’s Photography with a minimum GPA of 2.5.
    3. Applicant must prove an interest in the automotive hobby or enroll in automotive classes in an institution or higher education (includes community colleges and trade schools).

    Scholarship amount: $400.00

    Application due date: April 15

    Link: http://www.stros.biz


    Burson-Landon Scholarship FundClosed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria:

    • Be high school graduates within Marion County.
    • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.
    • Demonstrate financial need.
    • Demonstrate traits of high personal character and leadership.
    • Must be enrolled full-time at any accredited college, university, graduate school, community college, business college or other trade school located in the State of Oregon.

    Application due date: February 1, 2017

    Link: http://www.csascholars.org

    Castilla Orthodonic Scholarship-Class of 2017-Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: High school senior, from Marion or Polk County, with academics in good standing; a minimum of 3.0 GPA.  Applicant must be planning to attend a college or university.  Please include any community service.

    Application due date:  April 30, 2017


    Chemeketa Scholars-Closed for class of  2017

    Scholarship criteria:

    • Attend high school in Chemeketa’s district or reside withing Chemeketa’s district
    • Earn a cumulative, unweighted GPA of 3.5 or better (as of first semester/quarter grades of final year in high school).
    • Minimum placement into Reading 115, Writing 115 and Math 095 or higher (SAT/ACT substitutions are not allowed in lieu of placement tests)
    • Be on track to earn a regular high school diploma
    • Enroll full-time (12-18 credits) at Chemeketa the fall that immediately follows high school graduation

    Scholarship amount: Chemeketa Scholars receive a full tuition scholarship for up to two years in any field of study, including any of our career technical programs.

    Application period: March 6-10, 2017.

    For information click here: www.scholars.chemeketa.edu

     Darrin Ulven Memorial Scholarship-Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: Student must be part of a metalworking and/or automotive program with the intention of entering a vocational field involving one or both.

    Scholarship amount: $1,000.00

    Application Deadline: April 7, 2017

    Application due to: Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Office

    Click here for application:  the-darrin-ulven-memorial-scholarship2017

    Chemeketa Community College Foundation Scholarships – Closed for class of 2017

    Important informtion about applying for Foundation scholarships:

    • Current high school seniors can apply for Foundation scholarships, but you must first apply for admission to Chemeketa.  The application can be found at chemeketa.edu.
    • Foundation scholarships are open to all students.  This includes students without a social securty number.
    • The Foundation has more than 100 scholarship funds.  Students only need to fill out one application and will automically be sorted into the scholarship they qualify for.
    • This is the ONLY opportunity to apply for Chemeketa scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year.
    • If you aren’t sure about your major or program of study at the time of application, indicate your intent and elaborate in the essay section of the application.
    • The Foundation reoffers scholarships throughout the academic year due to declined or canceled awards.  Students should check their My Chemeketa email account weekly to avoid missing a scholarship email and acceptance deadline.

    Application period:  February 1 to March 31, 2017

    Link:  http://www.chemeketa.edu/aboutchemeketa/chemeketafoundation/scholarships/

    ELKs National Foundation, Inc  Most Valuable Student Scholarship – Class of 2017-Closed for class of 2017

    Since 1931, the Elks National Foundation has helped thousands of students who need financial assistance fulfill their dreams of attending college.  Most Valuable Student scholars are outstanding students who are at our near the top of their classes, active in their schools and communities, and recognized as leaders by their peers.

    The ENF awards $2.44 million annually in MVS scholarships to 500 high school seniors nationwide.  The first-and second-place awards are among the largest scholarships provided  by any major fraternal or service organization.

    Eligibility: Any high school student who is a U.S. citizen may apply for an MVS scholarship. Applications will be judged on: Scholarship, Leadership, and Financial need.

    Scholarship deadline: November 30, 2016.  Applications must be submitted online on or before November 30, 2016.  The selection of winners begins at the local Lodge level and continues through the district, state and national judging.  The top 20 finalists are invited to attend a Leadership Weekend, April 6-9, 2017.

    Link: http://www.elks.org/scholars/scholarships/mvs.cfm

    Evergreen  Aviation & Space Museum-Class of 2017-Closed for class of 2017

    The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is offering two scholarships for students interested in pursuing a career in aviation as a pilot or aeronautical engineering/maintenance.

    Thomas E. “Tom” Pitzer Aviation Maintenance Scholarship – This scholarship provides $1,000 to help pursue an Associate of Applied Science Degree with FAA Airframe & Powerplant Cerification or an alternate degree field related to aviation maintenance.

    Link:  thomas-e-pitzer-aviation-maintenance-scholarship-application

    Captain Kevin Kyle Mosley Private Pilot Scholarship – This scholarship provides $2,500 to be applied towards fees or expenses to help obtain a private pilot licence.

    Link:  captain-kevin-kyle-mosley-private-pilot-scholarship

    Due Date: February 28, 2017

    Website link for more information:  https://www.evergreenmuseum.org/scholarships


    Friends of Silverton FFA Scholarships-Closed for class of 2017

    There are three scholarships for which you can apply, all three through the Friends of Silverton FFA:  The Friends of Silverton FFA Scholarship,  the Les Schwab Incentive Scholarship and The Brad Jensen Memorial Scholarship. You use the same application for all three scholarships.

    Scholarship criteria: see scholarship guidelines below

    Scholarship amount: Varies

    Application due date: Monday,  April  10, 2017

    Application due to: FFA Advisors, Scott Towery or Sarah McArthur

    Applications (paper form to print):

    Additional forms to go with your applications:






    Applications (fillable): the Scholarship Coordinator, Mrs. Valoff will have to e-mail you this form.

    Frothy Fox Scholarship Fund-Class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria:

    • The applicant must be working towards earning a standard or modified diploma from Silverton High School.
    • The applicant must be on an Individual Education Program (IEP) at Silverton High School.
    • the applicant must attach a current high school official transcript.
    • The applicant must complete a typed essay of 500-1000 words in length telling their story.
    • Submit to Steve Taray in room B128 by April 28 of their senior year.

    Scholarship amount:  Varies, minimum of $250-maximum of $500

    Application due date:  May 1, 2017

    Link to application:  Frothy Fox Scholarship2

    Awarded scholarship monies will expire one year after application deadline.

     Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber (HMC) Scholarship-Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria:

    • Applicant must be of Hispanic ancestry, permanently residing in Oregon or Clark County, Washington
    • Applicant must be currently attending a high school in Oregon or Clark County, Washington or have attended a high school in Oregon OR Clark County, Washington and currently enrolled in an accredited college.
    • Applicant must have at least a 3.0 GPA as evidenced by a high school or college transcript.
    • Applicants will be evaluated on academics, extra-curricular activities, community service, written essays, and letters of recommendation.
    • Applicant must be enrolled by September 2017 in an accredited community college, 4 year college or university, or accredited graduate degree program.

    Application due date:  January 31, 2017

    Link to website:  http://www.hmccoregon.com/scholarship.html#schol5


    Justin Little Memorial Scholarship -Class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: Awarded to one or more graduating high school seniors with an interest in America History who are planning  to attend an Oregon Community College, and who will be enrolled in at least two history courses during the coming academic year.

    Amount of Scholarship: $500.00

    Application due date: May 14, 2017

    Application due to: Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Administration Office

    Justin Little flier    Justin Little app

    Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarship Program-Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 (weighted), planning to pursue an education and career in an approved human health care field (see list at application website), planning to enroll in fall 2017 at a U.S. accredited college or university as a full-time, degree or certificate-seeking first-year student.  Proof of U.S. citizenship or legal permanent residency is not required.

    Amount of Scholarship: $2,000., $5,000. and $10,000.

    Application due date: January 11, 2017 at 5:00PM PST.  Late applications are not acccpted.

    Click here for application: here

    Legacy Silverton Health Auxiliary – Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: The Legacy Silverton Health Auxiliary offers scholarships to qualified students who have chosen a medically related career.  See

    Application due date: February 24, 2017 by 5:00 p.m. (Application and all supporting documents must be in the scholarship chairman’s hand by this date and time.)

    Scholarship recipients will be notified by mail.

    Application due to: Silverton Health Auxiliary, c/o Scholarship Committee, PO Box 573, Silverton, OR  97381.

    Applications are available at LegacySilvertonHealthAuxiliary2017

    Mabel Almquist Scholarship – Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: U.S. Citizens who are graduates of Silverton High School and who are full time undergraduate students at any public or private educational/vocational institution.  Students who have not yet graduated may apply, but must have graduated and be enrolled prior to distribution of the award.

    Scholarship amount: varies

    Scholarship due date: March 15, 2017

    Scholarship due to:  Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Office

    Scholarship application for high school seniorsmabelalmquistseniors2016-17

    Scholarship application those in college alreadymabelalmquistalreadyincollege2016-17

    MAPS, Earl Littrell, Dan Penn Scholarships – Closed for class of 2017

    Maps Community Foundation offers scholarships to students pursuing a collee degree.  Winners will be chosen by a board of Maps employees and volunteers.   The award wil be given based on the video submission, as well as scholastic record and aptitude, participation/accomplishments, career objective, and need.

    Applications are accepted from February 1st to March 31st

    1. Maps Credit Union Scholarship(s): Two, $1,000 scholarships will be reserved for any senior graduating from any Marion or Polk High School and who intends to pursue a course of study at an accredited college or university. Funds will be distributed to two seniors as determined by the selection committee.

    2. Earl Littrell Scholarship(s): $3,500 for any student who intends to pursue a course of study in Accounting, Economics, Business or related studies at an accredited college or university in Oregon. Priority will be given to Maps employees, family members of Maps employees, and members of Maps Credit Union in that order. Student must be a resident of Marion or Polk Counties. Funds will be distributed as determined by the selection committee and may be awarded in amounts as small as $500.

    3. Dan Penn Scholarship(s): Two $1,000 scholarships for any senior graduating from any Marion or Polk County High School who intends to pursue a course of study in business, finance or related studies. Funds will be distributed as determined by the selection committee.

    Click the link below for more information and application.

    Link:  https://www.mapscu.com/financial-education/scholarships

    Marion-Polk County Medical Society-Closed for class of 2017

    The Marion-Polk County Medical Society and the Medical Foundation of Marion & Polk Counties is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for high school seniors who have chosen medical careers.

    $4,000 scholarship to a qualified high school senior who has chosen pre-med as his/her career path.

    $1,500 scholarship to a qualified high school senior who has chosen pre-nursing as his/her career path.

    Click this link:  http://www.mpmedsociety.org  MEDICAL FOUNDATION>SCHOLARSHIPS

    The deadline for receipt of the application is April 5, 2017.

    Mathematics Education Scholarship Awards (MESA) program at Eastern Oregon University-Closed for class of 2017

    MESA is a major scholarship program designed to help bring capable, undergraduate students to EOU to help persue Bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and to be prepared for entry into the Masters of Teaching/Teacher Licensure program in our College of Education.

    Scholarship awards will range from $2,000 to $4,000 per year and may be renewed annually until graduation.  Each year up to 10 MESA scholarships will be awarded.  To be eligible for the MESA scholarship, students must have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 or above from their high school (or previous college).  The following criteria will be used to rank eligible applicants:

    • Essay describing why student is pursuing a teaching career.
    • Math teacher recommendations(s)
    • Math coursework at prior school (high school and/or previous college)
    • Membership in underrepresented population in mathematics teaching (gender, social economic status, ethnicity, rural background).

    MESA applications received by February 1st will be reviewed by the MESA committee and applicants will be notified of award decisions by March 1st.  Applications received after February 1st, will be responded within 45 days.

    Deadline:  March 1, 2017 at 11:39 PM PST (midnight)

    Link:  https://www.eou.edu/fao/scholarships/mesa-information/

    Michael Staab Memorial Scholarship-Closed for class of 2016-17

    Scholarship criteria:  Must be a current graduating senior football player.


    Mike Hannan Memorial Scholarship-Class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: Silverton High School graduate pursuing a fire science or emergency medical technology as a career.

    Scholarship amount: $500.00

    Application due date: May 1, 2017 by 3PM

    Application due to: Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Office

    Click here for application : Mike Hannan Memorial Scholarship PDF

    Molalla Communications Scholarship-Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria:

    1. Graduating (or graduated) High School Students (or GED equivalent).
    2. High School Graduation date during the years 2017, 2017, 2015 or 2014
    3. “C” or better cumulative grade average or completion of GED program.
    4. Continue education full-time at any qualified institution e.g., college, university, technical or trade school.
    5. Full-time as defined by the qualified institution
    1. Applicant and applicant’s parent/guardian must live within Molalla Communications’ service boundary and be MCC Members when applying and through application process.
    2. Complete and submit the scholarship application and submit official transcripts before April 15th, 2017.
    3. Submit school enrollment information (for funding) by November 30th, 2017.

    Link: https://ebill.molalla.net/ScholarshipSignup/

    Monitor Cooperative Telephone Company Scholarship – Closed for class of 2017  


    • Be a graduating high school senior.
    • Be a United States citizen.
    • Be sponsored by a current NTCA member or FRED Donor circle member. (please contact your local telecommunications provider to determine if it is an NTCA member or FRED Donor Circle member and if it participating in the FRS college scholarship program).
    • Be accepted by an accredited two- or four-year college, university or vocational-technical school.
    • Have at least a C grade point average (GPA).
    • Express an interest to return to a rural community following graduation.

    Application due date: March 1, 2017

    Application due to: FRS

    Link: https://www.frs.org

    Orchestra Scholarships for students of all majors-Class of 2017

    General Awards – $2,00-$4,000 annually

    String Music Education – $2,000-$4,000 annually

    WEI Family Foundation (for students of Chinese heritage.  Majors in the college of science)

    For more information:

    Marlan, Carlson, Music Director

    Corvallis-OSU Symphony Orchestra



    Oregon Community Quarterback Scholarship Sponsored by the Harrington Family Foundation-Closed for class of 2017

    The Oregon Community Quarterback Scholarship is a renewable four-year collegiate scholarship program for Oregon high school seniors who are emerging leaders, and plan to attend an Oregon university or trade school.  The program is intended to facilitate the growth of promising leaders in the state of Oregon by developing the skills needed to flourish their local communities.  By helping to open doors in the business sector, these emerging leaders will remain planted and invested in the state of Oregon.

    This is a need-based schooarship with criteria focusing on an individual’s involvement in his or her community, rather than academic or athletic performance.

    Four scholarships will be issued for the 2017/2018 academic year.  Each scholarship is worth $2,500 per year for a total commitment of $40,000 a year in perpetuity.  New to the scholarship selection this year: interviews will be conducted by the HFF Scholarship Committee for the top ten (10) scholarship finalists.

    Application due date:  March 31, 2017

    Link:  http://harringtonfamilyfoundation.slideroom.com/

     OSEA Chapter 148 Classified Employees Scholarship – Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: Qualified senior students who are  immediate family members of current Silver Falls School District classified employees that are OSEA Chapter 148 members in good standing (family members of fair-share employees are not eligible). Equal consideration will be given to applicants who attend high schools other than Silverton High School.

    Scholarship amount: The OSEA Chapter 148 will award a combined $1,500 in scholarships

    Application due date: April 14, 2017 by 3PM

    Application due to: Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Office

    Click here for application:  oseascholarshipapplication2017

    P.E.O. Chapter CX Vicki Harris Memorial Scholarship –Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: P.E.O. is a philanthropic organization where women celebrate the advancement of women; educate women through scholarships, grants, awards, loans, and stewardship of Cottey College and motivate women to achieve their highest aspirations.  This scholarship is available to Silverton High School senior women who plan to attend an accredited Oregon institution for the academic year 2017/2018.

    Scholarship amount: TBA

    Application due date: March 7, 2017

    Application due to: Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Office

    Click for application (two parts):



    Ronald and Sara Burr Scholarship Fund – Closed for class of 2017

    This scholarship is for graduating seniors from Silverton High School and Stayton High School who are matriculating to a four-year college or university for a Bachelor’s Degree in the fields of agriculture or education are eligible to apply.  Up to two scholarships in the amount of $5,000.00 will be awarded, depending upon qualified applicants, and may be awarded in any configuration between the two eligible schools (i.e., Silverton High could have 0, 1, or 2 scholarship recipients).


    • Any senior or graduating student from Stayton or Silverton High School
    • Student must attend a four year college or university for a Bachelor’s Degree in the fields of agriculture or education


    1. Financial need (not limited to a specific income maximum)
    2. Level of interest in the fields of agriculture or education
    3. Grades

    Scholarship amount: This is a one-year scholarship. The amount of assistance will be the student’s tuition for the first year of college up to $5,000.00.  If any recipient abandons his or her education or fails to maintain the progress toward the Bachelor’s Degree in the fields of agriculture or education, the amount of the scholarship funds remaining shall revert to the scholarship fund.

    Applications will be accepted between January 1, 2017 and March 31, 2017

    Applications due to (mail or deliver):

    The Ronald and Sara Burr Fund, Scholarship Committee, c/o Pioneer Trust Bank, N.A., 109 Commercial St. N.E., PO Box 2305, Salem, OR  97308

    Click here for application: Burr Fund Application 2016-2017

    Rotary Club of Silverton Scholarship –Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: Graduating Senior

    Scholarship amount: Varies

    Scholarship due date: April 14, 2017

    Scholarship due to: Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Office

    Click here for application:  rotaryscholarshipapplicationclass-of-2017

    Silver Falls Education Association -Class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: The Silver Falls Education Association will award a scholarship to a graduating senior student who is a child of a certified staff member who is an ACTIVE member of the Silver Falls education Association and OEA.  An active member requires that certified teacher be enrolled in the SFEA/OEA, not just pay the fair share dues.  Equal consideration will be given to applicants who attend high schools other than Silverton High School.  If awarded the SFEA Scholarship must be claimed no later than (one) 1 calendar year after the scholarship is awarded.  Students may apply for this scholarship up to three years following their high school graduation, but the award is a ONE TIME scholarship and cannot be renewed.

    • Applicants must have an accumulative 3.00 GPA.
    • Applicants must plan on pursuing their education following high school graduation.
    • Applicants must submit an application, transcript, a brief explanation of how the scholarship money will be used, and one page typed essay.  (See application for more details)

    Scholarship amount: $500.00

    Application due date: May 4, 2017, 3PM

    Application due to: Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Office

    Click here for application:silver-falls-education-association-scholarship20162017

    Silverton Flywheels Car Club –Closed for class of 2017

    The Jon Dunn Memorial and Bob Bullard Memorial Scholarships will be given to senior students who are curently participating or have participated in the Mechanical Technology Program at Silverton High School.  The Scholarship winners will be chosen by members of the Silverton Flywheels Car Club; and selections will be based upon the sincere interest in auto mechanics and specialities.  Applicants are not required to enter into the automotive Industry, they may attend any school and any major or field after high school.  Applicants must be an enthusiast for the restoration and collection of automobiles.

    Scholarship amount: Bob Bullard-$2000, Jon Dunn – one for $500 and one for $1000

    Scholarship due date: March 24, 2017

    Scholarship due to: Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Office

    Click here for application: SilvertonFlywheelsCarClubApplication2017

    Silver Fox Foundation – Evelyn Bye Scholarship –Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: Qualified applicants who are graduating in 2017 and desire to apply for the Evelyn Bye Scholarship  scholarships sponsored by the Silver Fox Foundation.  Scholarship awards are available for both vocational and academic pursuits (2 year and 4 year schools of advanced training including colleges and universities).  Awards will be granted only to Silverton High School graduates who will be attending full time as an undergraduate student, any public or private post-high school educational/vocational institution in the United States for the full academic year.

    Scholarship amounts: $1,000, $500, $500

    Scholarship due to: Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Office

    Scholarship due date: Friday, April 7, 2017 before  3:00 PM

    Application: silver-fox-foundation-evelyn-bye-scholarship-application-form-sy-17-18

    Silverton High School Alumni Association Scholarships- Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria:  Graduating seniors or post high school graduates of Silverton High School

    Application due date: March 15, 2017 by 3PM

    Application due to:  Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Office

    Click here for applicationshsalumniapplication2016-2017

    Silverton Kiwanis Scholarship –Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: Graduating senior or individual in the community for the purpose of furthering his or her education in any post-secondary college, community college or vocation school.  The purpose of the scholarship is to assist students who are wholly or partially dependent on their own resources to finance their education.

    Scholarship amount:  Up to three $500.00 scholarships and one $1,000.00 scholarship to both general and Key Club applicants this year.  In order to qualify for the Key Club scholarship, you must be an active and dues-paying member of Key Club.

    Application due date: March 31, 2017

    Application due to: John Ort, C/O Silverton Kiwanis , 309 N. First Street, Silverton, OR  97381

    Click here for applicationsilverton-kiwanis-scholarship-application-2017


    Silverton Lions Club Scholarship-Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria: Be active in school activities or athletics, 3.0 CUM GPA after 7th high school semester, financial need, enroll in fall term of four year college of choice pursuing a baccalaureate degree.

    Scholarship amount: varies

    Application due date:  Friday, April 7, 2017 by 3:00 p.m.

    Application due to: Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Center

    Click here for application:  Silverton Lions Club Scholarship – 2017


    Silverton Zenith Woman’s Club Scholarship-Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship amount: $500.00 (four students selected)

    Application due date: April 3, 2017

    Application due to: Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Office

    Click here for application: zenithwomansclubapplication20162017


    Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company (SCTC) –Closed for class of 2017

    Eligibility and rules:

    • Applicant must complete and return application form by stated deadline.
    • **Parent/Guardian MUST have phone or internet/broadband with SCTC/PTC/SCS and be a member in good standing. Their place of employment does not qualify unless they are the owner of the business and that business has phone or internet/broadband with SCTC/PTC/SCS.
    • Must be a graduating high school senior. Home-schooled students are also eligible.
    • Recipient must be accepted by an accredited college, university or trade school.
    • One entry per person. Scholarship is not transferable nor is any substitution or cash equivalent permitted.
    • Winners selected by random drawing.
    • All decisions of the scholarship committee are final.

    Application:  http://www.sctcweb.com

    Application must be received at SCTC no later than April 3, 2017 to be included in the drawing for the 2017 scholarships.

    Scholarship information can be found under the “Community” tab.

    Teresa Roth Memorial Scholarship – Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship criteria:  Available to girls who are involved in athletics and planning to go to OSU

    Scholarship amount: $1,000 in your freshman year and $1,000 in your sophomore year of college.

    Application due date: April  17, 2017, 3 p.m.

    Application due to: Debbie Valoff, Scholarship Coordinator, Silverton High School Counseling Office

    Click for application: Teresa Roth Memorial Scholarship2016-2017

    Willamette Valley Road Runner’s-Class of 2017-Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarship Criteria:  Applicants should have participated in cross country or track and field, and be a team player.  They will be judged on academics, running ability/commitment, leadership and attitude (a positive attitude, has demonstrated perseverance, and is a good motivator).  The applicant must also meet the minimum academic requirements for college/university admission.

    Scholarship amount:  $2,000 to one male and one female student

    Application due date:  December 11, 2016

    Application due to:  Kelsey Oldham Scholarship, c/o Willamette Valley Road Runners, PO Box 4002, Salem, OR  97302-1002

    Link:  http://www.wvroadrunners.org



    ABC Pacific NW Chapter 2016 Career & Technical Education (CTE) $1000 Scholarships – Closed for class of 2017

    Criteria: High School Students interested in pursuing careers in the construction trades or other construction related fields.

    Scholarship amount: $1000.00

    Application due date: Monday, April 10 by 4:00 p.m.

    Application Due to: ABC Pacific NW Chapter, 8625 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 100, Beaverton, OR  97008

    Click here for application: 2016 ABC Pacific NW Chapter Scholarship Application

    Acacia Fraternity Men’s Leadership Scholarship-Class of 2017

    This award is designed to reward incoming, first-year, male-identifying students who will be attending Oregon State University in Fall 2017 and have excelled in the areas of academics, leadership, and community service.  Scholarships will be awarded to worthy applicants and are not contingent on joining our organization.

    Applications should be postmarked by June 1st, 2017.

    Link:  http://oregonstateacacia.acaciaconnect.org/

    Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship-Closed for class of 2017

    The Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an Oregon high school senior from a family affected by alcohol or drug addiction.  Affected by addiction means you have been raised by a parent or guardian who has experienced adiction or you have abused alcohol or drugs and are now pursuing recovery.

    One $10,000 scholarship will be awarded in 2017.  It will be allocated in $2,500 installments over four years.


    • To be eligibile for the $10,000 scholarship you will need to include in your application a one page (maximum) etter of support from a teacher, coach, school counselor, adult mentor, pastor, etc. describing your character and why they would recommend you for this scholarship.
    • Several other scholarships of various amounts will be awarded in 2017.  To be eligible for the scholarships less than $10,o00 yo do not need a letter of support.

    Application deadline:  February 6, 2017

    Click here for more details:  alforthanscholarship2017

    B.Davis Scholarship-Class of 2017

    The creators of the “Student Award Search Aid” website are offering a scholarship for 2017.

    The scholarship is available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post secondary institution.

    Application due date: May 22, 2017

    Scholarship amount: $1,000

    For more information:  http://www.studentawardsearch.com/scholarships

    BigSun Scholarship-Class of 2017

    The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits.  In order to do our part we are offering an annual scholarship to a deserving student.  All student athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport they are participating in.

    Application due date:  June 19, 2017

    Scholarship amount:  $500

    For more information:  http://www.bigsunathletics.com

    COSA Scholarships  (Confederation of Oregon School Administrators)-Closed for class of 2017

    Student Selection Criteria:

    • Must be enrolled in an Oregon public high school
    • Must identify an Oregon college or university he/she plans to attend and indicate the field of study
    • Should be active in community and school activities
    • Should posses a 3.5 GPA accumulative or higher as of the last posted grading period
    • Will submit a one-page essay about background, influences and goals
    • Will secure the endorsement (letter of rec.) and signature of a COSA member
    • Will enroll the fall term he/she graduates from high school
    • High school registrar must initial GPA on application form and student must sign application
    • Include copy of current transcript

    Application must be postmarked by March 1, 2017.

    Link to application:  https://www.cosa.k12.or.us/members/scholarships


    Current and Former Foster Youth

    You may be eligible to receive assistance with postsecondary education and training needs.  At a minimum, students must complete the FAFSA. In addition, students from foster care should also complete the Chaffee Education and Training Grant – a two page application available through the Oregon Student Assistance Commission at www.osac.state.or.us/chafeeetv.html.  See your counselor for more information.

    For more information visit http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/children/fostercare/Pages/ind_living/ilp.aspx

    Far West Agribusiness Association-Closed for class of 2017

    Program Description:  The Far West Agribusiness Association scholarship program has been designed to provide outstandinghigh school and collegiate undergraduate students with a chane to pursue their educational goals in college.  There will be two separate selection pools, one for graduating high school seniors and one for current college students.  Scholarships are one year in length and will be awarded in amounts up to $1,000 per student.  Award recipients will be notified by April 28, 2017.

    Eligibility Requirements:  Any full-time student from Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, or Nevada, and is pursuing an undergraduate degree from a college or university in the United States.

    The application must be received at the Far West Office by 5:00 p.m., on March 31, 2017.  

    Click on the website link for more information:  http://www.fwaa.org

    Once on the website, go near the bottom of the left side of page and click on “Scholarships”.

    The Great Scholarship Program-Closed for class of 2017

    Great Clips, Inc., the world’s largest haircare brand, is sponsoring the Great Scholarship Program, in memory of Alice Madden Barton, by setting aside $100,000 to distribute in schoolarships for high school students in North america who are interested in pursuing a cosmetology career and current cosmetology school students.

    The Great Scholarship Program aims to promote careers in cosmetology and at Great Clips salons to high school and cosmetology school students by providing tuition assistance or cosmetology tools to get them started.  Scholarship values are determined by local Great Clips salon owners, who evaluate and select winners.

    Application deadline:  March 31, 2017

    Link:  http://greatclipscareers.com/scholarships

    Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship-Closed for class of 2017

    It is with great pleasure that Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility announces our ninth annual Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship. any 11th or 12th grade Oregon high school student may enter by submitting an original essay, poem or narrative work (maximum 600 words) in response to the following question:

    “How would you solve the public health crisis of gun violence?

    Submission deadline:  Monday, March 6, 2017 by 5:00 pm.

    Click here for more details:  peacecontest@oregonpsr.org

    The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program-2017 Closed for class of 2017

    This is an undergraduate scholarship program available to high-achieving high school seniors with financial need who seek to attend the nation’s best 4-year colleges and universities.

    Students selected as Jack Kent Cooke Scholars may receive up to $40,000 per year, college planning support, ongoing advising, and the opportunity to network with the larger JKCF Scholar community.

    The foundation will select up to 40 applicants nationwide for this highly selective scholarship.

    As minimum criteria students must:

    • Plan to graduate from a U.S. high school in the coming spring.
    • Intend to enroll full time in an accredited 4-year college beginning the following fall.
    • Earn a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.5 or above in high school.
    • Receive standardized test scores in the top 15% (SAT critical readin/math 1200+, ACT composite 26+)
    • Demonstrate financial need.

    Link:  http://www.jkcf.org/cty-college

    Due date:  November 30, 2016 at noon ET


    LGBTQ Scholarships (over 50 different scholarships, one application)-Closed for class of 2017

    The Pride Foundation awards scholarships to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and straight ally student leaders in the Northwest.  Scholarships can be used for any post-secondary education.

    Application deadline:  Friday, January 13, 2017 at 5:00pm PST

    Link: pridefoundation.org

    OASSA YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP-Closed for class of 2017

    The Oregon Association of Secondary School Administrators (OASSA) awards two $1,000 scholarships each year to graduating seniors from Oregon public high schools.  The scholarships may be used for a 2 or 4 year college or university or trade or professional/technical school.  These two scholarships are for a son, daughter, or dependent child of an OASSA member who meet the following criteria:


    • Must be a graduating senior from an Oregon pubolic high school
    • Must be a dependent child (son, daughter, step-child) of an OASSA member
    • Must submit a completed application by the due date
    • Must have made a significant contribution to their school and/or community
    • Must secure a letter of recommendation from a school COSA member
    • Must secure a letter of recommendation from a school or community member
    • Will enroll the fall term following his/her graduation from high school
    • Must secure the signatures of the applicant, principal, and OASSA member parent
    • Must include copy of most recent school transcript

    For more information and link to application, click here:  OASSA201617

    Due date:  postmarked by March 20, 2017

     Oregon Collectors Association Hasson/Newman Memorial Scholarship-Closed for class of 2017

    Criteria: Awarded to Oregon High School seniors for their use as full time students at any Oregon accredited public, private college, university or trade school.

    Scholarship due date: Postmarked by March 1, 2017

    Scholarship due to:  Oregon Collectors Association, C/O Marisa Hasson, 19810 SW 49th Aveune, Tualatin, OR  97362

    Or you may email your application to:  orcascholarshipfund@comcast.net

    Essay subject is to be 1,000 to 1,500 words: Subject “Credit in the 21st Century”.

    Link:  http://www.orcascholarshipfund.com


    Oregon Jaycee Foundation-Class of 2017

    Up to $2,000 in scholarships will be awarded to several graduating Oregon high school seniors in the Class of 2017.  The almount of the scholarship is a one-time grant and must be used in the year awarded.  The final selection of a recipient will be based on the following criteria; academic excellence, personal accomplishments, leadership qualities, and community service.

    Applicants must have at least a 3.7 unweighted GPA to qualify.

    Applications must be sent by US Mail and postmarked no later than April 25th.

    Link to application:


    Oregon Promise – Class of 2017

    Link: OregonStudentAid.gov 

    Create an account within the OSAC Student Portal.

    Complete the Oregon Promise Application.

    Verify your GPA or GED scores in the OSAC Student Portal.

    File your FAFSA or ORSAA and list at least one Oregon community college.

    You may qualify if you:

    • Be a recent Oregon high school graduate or GED recipient
    • Have a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher
    • Have been an Oregon resident for at least 12 months prior to enrolling in community college

    Application deadlines vary depending on which term you plan to start at on Oregon community college.  First deadline is December 1, 2016.  See website for specific dates.


     Oregon Vintage John Deere Museum Scholarship

    $500.00 scholarship available to any Oregon HS senior attending college with a AG/Major.

    Info is available on our web: www.ojdmf.org

    Contact Alec Cheechov, for questions call me at (541) 913-2004. How to Apply: updated information will be available soon.                                                                                                                                                                       


    Oregon Wheat Foundation Scholarship Program-2016-17-Closed for class of 2017

    Eligible applicants must:

    • Be a son or daughter of a current Oregon Wheat Growers League grower member, or a son or daughter of an employee of an Oregon Wheat Growers League grower member.
    • Have worked part time for a wheat producer member of the OWGL
    • Be a current high school senior or home school equivalent

    Scholarship Amount:  Up to 12 $1,000.00 scholarships will be awarded

    Application due date:  Postmarked by February 1, 2017

    Link:  http://www.owgl.org (click on Oregon Wheat Foundation to find application).  Do NOT submit applications online

     OSAC (Office of Student Access and Completion)-Closed for Class of 2017

    The Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) is committed to assisting Oregonians in their pursuit of higher education and a brighter future. Established in 1959 by the Oregon Legislature, OSAC provides innovative funding and programs to Oregon students and families.

    OSAC is an office of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC). The HECC is dedicated to fostering and sustaining the best, most rewarding pathways to opportunity and success for all Oregonians through an accessible, affordable and coordinated network for educational achievement beyond high school.

    OSAC administers scholarships, grant programs, the ASPIRE mentoring program, the FAFSA Plus+ program, outreach services, and statewide publications. Each year, OSAC awards grants and scholarships of more than $118 million to thousands of Oregon students in their quest to achieve their education and career goals. Prominent grant programs include the Oregon Opportunity Grant, the Oregon Promise Grant, the Chafee Education and Training Grant, and the Oregon Student Child Care Grant.

    OSAC deadline:  March 1 of each year.  In the event that it falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will automatically be extended to 5:00 p.m. (PST) of the following business day.

    Link:  http://oregonstudentaid.gov

    Sister Adele Scholarship – Closed for class of 2017

    Scholarships Available:

    Individual awards will range from $1,000 to $2,000 per scholarship winner.  The Sister Adele Scholarship if funded by CASA of Oregon, a private non-profit committed to improving the quality of life of farm workers and their families.


    • Must enroll during 2017-2018 academic year in an accredited community college, 4-year college/university or trade school.
    • Must be from a farm worker household.  This included dairy and nursery jobs, as well as working in the processing and/or transporting of agricultural products.
    • Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED).
    • No specific GPA is required.

    Application Deadline:

    Must be postmarked on or before April 14, 2017.

    For the full application and more details:  http://www.casaororegon.org/content/2017-sister-adele-scholarship-application


    Scholarship Guidance – Multiple Scholarship Listings

    Link: http://www.scholarshipguidance.com/all_scholarships.php

    School Soup  Multiple Scholarship Listings

    Link: http://www.schoolsoup.com/scholarship-directory/

    SchoolSoup offers tips for writing winning scholarship essays:

    • Start by going through all the scholarships you’re planning to apply for and determining if an essay is required. If you’re not sure, contact the institution awarding the scholarship.
    • Make a list of deadlines for the applications, giving you a minimum of three to four weeks to work on the essay component
    • Read the essay requirements carefully.
    • Read more

    Fastweb – Scholarship Matches, College Resources, Financial Aid Tips, Internship Opportunities

    Link: www.fastweb.com

    Oregon Gear Up

    Link:  http://oregongearup.org/calendar/scholarship

    Student Scholarships

    Link:  http://www.studentscholarships.org

    Tuition Funding Sources 

    Link: www.tuitionfundingsources.com

  • SAT

    Link: collegeboard.org for test dates and registration information


    Link: actstudent.org for test dates and registration information

  • National Scholarship List:


    BBB Students of Integrity Scholarship-Class of 2017

    Submit a 90 second video and you could win a $10,000 Scholarship!!!


    • Attend a high school in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, or Western Wyoming;
    • Graduate in 2017 or 2018 with plans to attend an accredited higher education institution;
    • Have a GPA of 3.25 or higher;
    • Group applications must have no more than three students;
    • Finalists will be required to produce an official transcript on a 4.o0 scale from an academic institution in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, or Western Wyoming.

    Link:  http://www.bbb.org/northwest/charities-donors/about-us/bbb-foundation/current-scholarship-campaign/2016-17_Scholarship

    Catching the Dream – scholarship programs for Native American Students 

    E-mails: (Joy Noll) Nscholarsh@aol.com

    Call: 505-262-2351

    Google for Education

    Click this link for 7 scholarships specific to students pursuing a career in computer science:  https://edu.google.com/scholarships/


     The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) 2017 Young Entrepreneur Awards Program-Closed for class of 2017

    Will award up to 100 awards to high school seniors entring an accredited, nonprofit two- or four-year college, university or vocational-technical institute for the 2017-18 academic year and who own and/or operate his or her established business.

    Application deadline:  December 18, 2016

    Link:  http://www.NFIB.com/YEA

    Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) Scholarship – Closed for class of 2017

    The HSF Scholarship is designed to assist students of Hispanic heritage obtain a college degree.  Scholarships are available, on a competitive basis, to:

    • Graduating High School Seniors
    • Community College Transfer Students
    • Undergraduate Students

    Awards are based on merit; amounts range from $500 to $5,000, based on relative need, among the Scholars selected.

    SCHOLARSHIP OPENS:  January 01, 2017

    Deadline:  March 30, 2017


    • Must be of Hispanic Heritage
    • Minimum of 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) for High School Students
    • Minimum of 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) for College and Graduate Students
    • Plan to enroll Full-Time in an accredited, not-for-profit, 4-year university, or graduate school, during the FALL of a scholarship cycle (year)
    • U.S. Citizen, Permanent Legal Resident, DACA or Eligible Non-Citizen (as defined by FAFSA)
    • Complete FAFSA or state based financial aid application (if applicable)


    • All majors and graduate fields accepted
    • Emphasis on STEM majors

    Link:  https://hsf.net/en/scholarships/programs/general-college-scholarships

    National Space Club Scholarship-Closed for class of 2017


    • Be a senior in high school
    • Have the intention of pursuing a career in the STEM fields and plan to attend an accredited U.S. college or university to follow a couse of study to pursue a career in the STEM field, with a preference for those with space related interests.
    • The applicant can only use the $10,000 scholarship towards tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year.

    Scholarship amount:  $10,000.00

    Application deadline:  December 2, 2016

    Application link:  https://studentscholarships.org/scholarship/12191/national_space_club_scholarship_scholarship.php

    The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship-Closed for class of 2017


    • Be a graduating high school senior;
    • Plan to attend an accredited and approved four-year institution within the United States;
    • Show leadership potential;
    • Demonstrate a dedication to community service;
    • Present evidence of financial need;
    • Be a United States citizen;
    • Have a minimum SAT score of 1,000 combined on the math and critical reading sections or a composite ACT score of 21;
    • Not possess a degree from a 2 or 4-year College when applying for the scholarship.

    Scholarship due date:  February 15, 2017

    Scholarship amount:  $28,000 over four years

    Link:  http://www.jackierobinson.org/apply/

    Moody’s Mega Math Challenge-Class of 2017 & 2018 – Closed for class of 2017

    • High School juniors and seniors
    • Teams of 3-5 students with 1 teacher-coach
    • Free and entirely internet-based
    • Challenge weekend:  February 24-27, 2017
    • Choose your continuous 14 hour worktime

    Link:  http://m3challenge.siam.org


    Sixt Scholars-Closed for class of 2017

    Eligibility:  Student must be a high school senior graduating in the academic year of 2016/2017.

    Scholarship due date:  November 30, 2016

    Scholarship amount:  $5,000.00 (5 awards)

    Application link:  https://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10645/sixt_scholars_scholarship.php

    University Tutor Monthly Scholarship – Closed for class of 2017

    See “Official Rules” for important information regarding this scholarship.

    Link:  http://www.universitytutor.com/scholarship-contest

    Contest period is from December 1, 2016-December 31, 2016