Update: the lock out at Silverton High School has been lifted. Please see the following letter from Wade Lockett, Principal at Silverton High School:
Parents and families of Silverton High School,
This afternoon, in response to an overheard threat of shooting violence, Silverton High School went into an extended period of lock-out. Students were kept in their fifth period classrooms, while students returning to school from lunch were checked back in to the school and allowed back to their fifth period classrooms. Silverton Police Department was notified immediately, and a number of officers arrived to both ensure the safety of students and staff as well as to further the investigation into the credibility of the threat.
The students involved in the incident were quickly identified, but out of an abundance of caution, the lockout was not lifted until investigators had a complete picture of the threat and were able to determine that students were safe to once again move through the halls.
We are aware that a number of rumors surrounding this incident are moving through the community. After this afternoon’s investigation, we have a full understanding of the nature of this incident. This incident was not a credible threat, nor does it represent an ongoing threat. This process is effective because of the actions of several students who overheard the threat and immediately reported. Because those students did the right thing, the students involved in making the threat have been identified, and will receive appropriate disciplinary action.
Silverton High School remains a safe and welcoming center of learning.
A sincere thank you to the parents of Silverton High School who exercised restraint in not calling in to the school or showing up to retrieve their children. We appreciate the trust, as well as the ability this allowed our staff to do their jobs to the best of their ability. I’d further like to thank the students of Silverton High School, who responded as well as could be expected to a difficult situation. Finally, a big thank you to the staff of Silverton High School, who responded with the outstanding professionalism we’ve come to expect.