Monday, May 4th marks the start of our forecasting week!  This is your opportunity to forecast for the classes you wish to be taking next year.  You can complete this process online (instructions below), or if you are already receiving paper packets, you can fill out the paper version if you’d prefer.


1. Go to

2. Watch the forecasting videos.  There are two of them.

3. Review the curriculum guide (hard copy or online version found here).

4. Fill out the electronic google forecasting form for the grade you will be in next year. The form is on the forecasting website. If you are filling out the paper version, you will turn it in to the High School on Friday drop-off/pick-up day – Hours are 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Forms need to be submitted electronically or via paper drop off (Friday 11-3) to the high school by Friday, May 8th. Mailed copies send to-  SHS Attn: Heidi Eberle 1456 Pine St. Silverton, OR 97381

Additional notes about forecasting:

  • You may find it useful to fill out a paper copy before entering course selections electronically so that you have accurate course titles and information. All course elective options can be found on the back of the paper forecasting forms (these can also be found on the forecasting website).
  • Teacher signatures on the paper form do not need to be requested.  Our English and Math department will confirm your course selections.
  • Contact your Counselor and/or Current Teachers if you have questions about what you should forecast for!