Parents and Graduates of the Class of 2020 –

The graduation ceremony will be 6:00 PM on June 4th, 2020.  Parking will open at 5:00 PM.  Entrances will be closed up until that time. If you have not received your parking assignment, please email to request that information.   Please note: Parking rows A-J will enter from Western Ave. Parking rows K-R enter from Kromminga Dr. from Pine St. Please be patient with parking volunteers as they check your name and hand you items.

When you arrive – there will be parking volunteers that will give you a large orange paper with your designated parking number to be placed on your windshield. Every senior will also be given a gift bag at the entrance. If you were not able to pick up honor cords and medals last week, they will be in this bag. There is important information for the graduates in the bag; please make sure they read the papers inside.

When you enter the parking lot, there will be Parking Attendants to help you locate your designated parking spot. Each car MUST park in their designated spot. PLEASE make sure you do NOT change or switch places with others as these are associated with your walking order, and the order graduate’s names will be announced.  After everyone is in place, someone will come through to double-check that each car is in their designated location.

Please see the map that will indicate the flow of traffic as the ceremony progresses. When your row is directed, cars will pull out of spots, move around to the rear of the lot where the staging area begins. When the students are asked to get out of the car, they will use the hand sanitizer that is available, walk to the center of the walkway, and proceed one graduate at a time. When the graduate’s name is called, they will walk up the stairs to the center of the stage where School Board Chair, Jonathan Edmonds, will present them with their diploma. The graduate will then exit the back of the stage where there will be a professional photographer waiting to take a photo. The graduate will then walk back to the side of the stage that they were dropped off on and return to their car. The car will return to the parking space or be free to leave campus.

Please consider arriving early. We would like all cars to be in the lots before we begin the ceremony.

Livestream Link and FM Frequency: will be coming soon.


  • Masks will be provided to students and must be worn at all times when outside of the vehicle. Masks must be worn by all members inside a vehicle if the window is rolled down.
  • People with compromised immune systems should not be in attendance.
  • People that have cold or flu-like (COVID-like) symptoms should not be in attendance.
  • Stay in cars until you are invited out of cars. We have a strict (no more than 24 people outside of vehicles at any time) parameter to stay within. People not following these guidelines will be asked to leave.

There will hand sanitation stations placed throughout the parking lots. We would ask that students use these as they get out of the car to walk up the stage.

Please email any questions to:

Parking Map – Graduation 2020