Silverton High School has begun its annual Best Fox Ever Fundraiser for Medical Teams International (MTI) and Silverton Area Community Aid (SACA).  This year’s fun competition for the title of Best Fox Ever will look a little different than normal. The fundraiser will be virtual and the Contestants and their Team Members will compete in the following areas:

  1. Fundraising through May 14th!
  2. Week 1 – Intro Video Competition
  3. Week 2 – Dance Video Competition
  4. Week 3 – Talent Video Competition
  5. Week 4 – Final Fundraising Push
  6. Week 5 – Live Interviews & Finale

SHS Students, Staff, and Community members will have the opportunity to vote each week for the best Intro Video, best Dance Video, the best Talent Video, and the best Interview. The Finale show will announce the top three Contestants and the final 2021 Best Fox Ever.

Videos will be posted on our SHS Instagram page and sent out via Parent Square each week.  The links to vote will be posted on Fridays for everyone to vote.

Be on the lookout for opportunities to donate to your favorite contestant and participate in their individual Fundraisers. This year’s contestants in alphabetical order are…

Josh Celio

Samantha Dlouhy

Tyson Erickson

Kyle Kramer

Titus Roth

Isaac Semerikov

Thanks for your support in this endeavor to raise money for great organizations and for your support of young students and young leaders who are truly giving their best to help our community and the world!