Good afternoon, Silverton High School Families.

I’ve heard from a number of parents and students today who expressed concern about this morning’s anti-mask protest. We worked closely with district leaders and local law enforcement officers to ensure the safety of our students during that protest. We also monitored those adults attending the protest throughout their time on district property.

With that said, I recognize that a number of students were very uncomfortable walking past a group of adults on their way into school today. Though those adults were largely encouraging, we have heard reports that certain individuals behaved inappropriately. Furthermore, many students have reported feeling harassed by the presence of the anti-mask protestors who yelled that the students should remove their masks as they entered the building.

I’m taking this opportunity this afternoon to remind our community that Silverton High School is a closed campus when students are present. I appreciate the desire to unmask our students. I personally look forward to the day (not far off!) that I can walk through our halls and see the smiling faces I’ve grown to know in my time with the district. I recognize that for many, the coming date of March 31st is not good enough. I encourage those who feel that way to let their voices be heard. However, the campus of Silverton High School is not the place for this, and yelling towards our students is not the way forward.

We’ve done our best to work with those wishing to protest in recent weeks, and we will continue to do so with our students who express interest. However, effective immediately, we will be strengthening our enforcement of our closed campus policy* with adults. If adults don’t have business to conduct in the main office, they will not be allowed on campus before or during the school day and will be asked to leave. Trespass warnings will be issued to those who do not comply.

We remain committed to a safe and welcoming environment for all students, and appreciate your understanding as we work to create that together.

*Note – this is an existing policy, and does not represent a change. Signs posted to this effect, stating closed campus is in effect from 7:00-4:00 on school days, are and have been posted at campus entrances.