Apple Tree School Supply Drive

Are you interested in volunteering this summer? 

Why is your help so important?
There are an estimated 1,000 children in the Silver Falls School District that may find it difficult to afford the supplies they need to do well in school.

When is the drive?
Student volunteers will attend an orientation on July 7. They will prepare the “trees” from July 12-21. Participating businesses and organizations can start displaying and encouraging folks to “pick apples” from July 21 to August 18.

How does it work?
Students make all the “apples” containing various supplies that are needed. Folks can “pick” the apples of their choice. Some apples have one type of school supply, and others ask for a financial donation to purchase the supplies most needed.

  • If you choose to purchase supplies, you can drop them off at over 30-50 participating sites or the Silverton Community Center.
  • If you select apples requesting a financial donation, you can return your gift in the envelope attached to the apple.
  • The financial donations will be used near the end of the drive to purchase supplies that are still needed.

How do the children get the supplies?
All the supplies will be given to the schools to distribute in classrooms or as needed. Teachers will then be able to give the supplies directly to students who need them. There’s no standing in line for parents, and students will discretely receive the supplies they truly need.

How can you be a member of the Apple Tree Crew?
Student volunteers must be entering 5th – 12th grade and be a student in Silver Falls School District. The crew meets every Tuesday and Thursday from July 8 through August 25 from 10:00 am -12:00 pm. Students work on preparing the trees, contacting businesses and organizations, giving presentations, and inventorying the supplies. Local community leaders meet with the students during each session to provide training and leadership skills.   Click here for the student volunteer application.

For more information, please call Jan at Silverton Together at 503-873-0405. After June 30, please contact Jan at 503-979-9348.