On February 28th, SHS will be hosting the Class of 2028 and hope to help students investigate Career & Technical Education (CTE) for their freshmen year in high school.  We have hosted CTE Showcase Day since 2017 with a goal to help 8th grade students get comfortable with our high school campus, give them the opportunity to explore CTE Programs, and to help them find the right fit as they forecast classes at Silverton High.

We have 10 programs for students to explore that lead to high tech and high wage positions: Agriculture Science: Plants & Animals and Welding & Fabrication, Business Management (Accounting & Business), Construction & Engineering (CAD, building, design), Culinary Arts (food safety, flavor & design), Computer Programming (Programming, IT, Robotics, E-sports), Digital Media (video, photography, graphic design),  Health Occupations (Medical), Mechanical Technology (Automotive Repair) and Protective Services (Fire, Police, Paramedic, Public Service). We also have a Pre-Apprenticeship program that has a direct pipeline into trades like electrician, plumber, H-VAC, construction industry, etc.

SHS coordinates with our local 8th grade teaching partners to help students get prepared and we look forward to giving them a chance to explore SHS.  We will host two sessions, one in the morning and one after lunch. Each school will be picked up at their school and brought to the high school.  Students will pick out the programs that they would like to explore, and all students will have a chance to explore the school, walk through our customs spaces and work with two different programs in 25-minute mini-workshops that help them explore the options in the program.  Our hope is that they will see something that will have them get excited about their future and their upcoming four years at Silverton High.

If you know of an 8th grade student that will be attending Silverton High School next year but is not enrolled in one of our feeder schools, we would encourage you to fill out the form and we will help get them assigned to a group.  If you have questions about 8th Grade CTE Showcase Day – contact Dr. Barnes.  Email: barnes_kirsten@silverfalls.k12.or.us