Please contact the Attendance Office if your student is absent on any school day.
Attendance Office Direct Line: (503) 873-1974
Silverton High School (503) 873-6331


  1. Students receive an attendance email at 11:00 am each school day from StudentSquare.
  2. Students MUST submit the attendance form each day by midnight be marked present.
  3. Students have from 11:00 am – Midnight each day to fill out the form.
  4. The attendance form will take approximately 90 seconds to complete (see example form below).
  5. Students will receive a confirmation email once the attendance form has been submitted.
  6. Forms submitted after midnight will not be accepted.
  7. The following day, attendance will be entered from forms that are submitted.
  8. If a student did not fill out the attendance form (or submit on time, or noted that they did not attend a class), they will be marked absent and parents will receive an email from ParentSquare or a phone call communicating their student has an unexcused absence.

Attendance is taken for EVERY class, every day.
Students need to check-in for every class, even if it is not a live instruction day. Lessons or assignments will be posted every day.

What does attendance look like in a virtual learning environment?
Students must have some sort of interaction with their class or teacher to be considered present. This may mean participating in a live video class, communicating with a teacher by phone or email, checking in with an educational assistant for help, posting on a discussion, turning in completed coursework, independent work or study, or checking to see if there are new assignments.

It is imperative in this remote learning environment that students fill out their attendance form every day.
We are working hard on communicating this to our students. This form should not take more than 90 seconds to complete, and it is emailed every day at 11:00 am. Even if Mrs. Smith sees Tucker in class, Tucker still must fill out the form so SHS secretaries can enter the data. Please help remind your student about the importance of this daily responsibility.

How do I excuse an absence?
Please contact the attendance office if your student is absent on any given day. They may have forgotten to fill out the form or had trouble submitting the form. You can let us know your student was present. Pre-planned absences for family trips, doctor appointments, etc. may be excused in advance.

  • Email or Attendance Office:
  • Call our office: (503) 873-6331
  • Respond to the ParentSquare email: Yes, you can just hit reply at the bottom of the message, and it will notify us. These comments are private, and no one else but you and the Attendance Office can see them.


Q- What does “Not Applicable” mean?
A- Not applicable means it does not apply to the situation.

QOne of my classes did not give me any new work, I have finished the homework assigned, and there are no live/recorded classes to attend today. Do I mark “No” for attendance?
A- You will mark “Yes” for attendance. You checked in with that class to make sure there was nothing new to work on, any meets, or you worked independently on the homework. This counts as attendance!

Q- What is 0 Period? I do not have one?
A- We offer a zero period for some of our classes. For example, Choralaires or Band sometimes meet during 0 period. This is why we included the option of “Not Applicable” (does not apply). If you do not have a 0 period in your schedule, please mark “Not Applicable” for that question.

Q- I have an early release or late arrival; what do I put as a response for that period?

A- You will mark “Not Applicable” for that early release/late arrival period.

Q- I marked “No” for one of my classes; what happens next?
A- You will be marked for an unexcused absence for that class, and your parent/guardian will need to contact the attendance office to excuse it, as well as note the reason for the absence (illness, doctor appointment, etc.).


Students will need to download the Student Square App to their phone or log into from Chromebook or computer to fill out the form.

If your student is having trouble with the attendance form, please follow the steps below. If, after trying these options, your student is still experiencing problems, please let us know immediately.
If you cannot get signed in to or the Student Square app, follow these steps:

  • Check your SFSD Student email address for a ParentSquare registration invite email. Follow the included directions to register your account.
  • If you’ve registered your account and you still can’t sign in, try using the “Sign in with Google” button in the app or on the ParentSquare website. Make sure to use your SFSD Student email login information.

Example of Attendance From – Please click to see larger.