“Each student needs to complete a culminating project (Extended Application) for graduation. This project consists of demonstrating both their learning competencies and preparations related to [student directed learning and skill development]… Culminating projects serve as an authentic application of academic skills and a culminating experience for students who are graduating.”

 — Oregon State Board of Education

Silverton High School Extended Application Requirements

The Extended Application must…

  1. focus on one of student’s career goals
  2. total a minimum of 10 hours not including the paperwork (unless specified differently under a project guide)
  3. show application of Career Related Learning Skills
  4. show relevance and rigor of project
  5. preserve all written* records in a portfolio
  6. include a presentation
  7. Are due by the end of the 1st semester of the senior year. Failure to do so could result in lack of graduation ceremony participation and/or receiving a diploma.

*Student may recreate an event or project if it needs extensive reformatting and it is necessary to continue the project