In order to excuse an absence, please contact Julie Brown either via email to, or by telephone at 503-873-1974.

Please see a summary of SHS Attendance policies below and in this document for more information.  The full text of these policies may be found in the Student Handbook.

Silver Falls Schools District complies with Oregon law regarding student absences and attendance.  Oregon Revised Statute recognizes only the following reasons as valid excuses for absences:

  1. Illness of the student.
  2. Illness of an immediate family member when the student’s presence at home is necessary.
  3. Emergency situations that require the student’s absence.
  4. Medical or dental appointments.  Verification of appointments may be required.
  5. Field trips and school-approved activities.
  6. Other reasons deemed appropriate by the Assistant Principal in charge of attendance when satisfactory arrangements have been made in advance of the absence.

Please Note: The following are NOT excusable absences in accordance with Oregon State Attendance Laws:

  1. Truancy
  2. Missing the bus or car malfunction
  3. Family vacations not excused in advance
  4. Birthdays or other celebrations
  5. Oversleeping
  6. Shopping/haircut appointments
  7. Hunting or fishing excursions
  8. Gainful employment

Parents must notify the school by a written note or phone call of the reason for the student’s absence within one day of the absence.  Blanket excuses are not allowed.  Information for the excuse must include the full name of the student, the calendar date(s) of the absence, a brief reason for the absence and the complete signature of a parent or guardian.  The note should be dropped off at the Attendance Office.

Students who participate in or choose to attend school-sponsored activities, i.e., sports, musical events, dances, clubs, etc. must attend a full day of school the day of the event or the last day of school prior to the event, in order to be eligible to participate.  Exceptions are made for pre-arranged or school-related absences.