What is a job shadow?

The act of job shadowing is utilized by students simply wanting to experience a particular career opportunity. The “shadower” will follow the professional and observe their daily work.

Option 1: Onsite Job Shadow – 10th Job Shadow Timeline

  1. 2-4 hours outside of class time
  2. Complete the Background Check Form (Updated)  // (Spanish Version) requirements as per the Background Check Directions
  3. Complete the AG Pre Arranged Absence Form if needed.
  4. Complete Job Shadow Agreement.
  5. Are you conducting a Job Shadow in the Medical Field? Read this Presentation: HIPAA Training, take this test:  HIPAA Training Exam, and bring the results to Mrs. Geralyn Sheets in room B120.
  6. Supervisor completes the Job Shadow Performance Evaluation.
  7. Ask supervisor questions using the Job Shadow Script and Questions form.
  8. Complete a CRLE Reflection.
  9. Turn in to all paperwork your AG teacher and place the evidence and forms in your portfolio.
  10. All students will be expected to give a short presentation on their job shadow experience in their AG.

Please note that you may NOT job shadow any member of your family! Any Job Shadow absence must be pre-approved and last no longer than 4 hours.

Option 2: Virtual Job Shadow

  1. Choose three careers that you are interested in and research all three careers.
  2. Use these resources to help you with your research:  Career Videos, CareerOneStop
  3. Your research for each career should cover the following in YOUR OWN WORDS and be submitted with your final report. Each bullet listed below should be 1 paragraph long. Each career you research should be 7 paragraphs long, and you should end up with 21 total paragraphs (with at least 4 sentences in each paragraph).
    • Career Description – Describe the career
    • Required Education – How much education or what degree/training do you need?
    • Earnings – How much money you will earn working in this career?
    • Future Outlook – Will there be many jobs available in this career or only a limited number?
    • Additional Links – List two other items you learned about this career.
    • School Search – Find two schools, apprenticeship programs, etc. that you might attend for this career.
    • Jobs/Internship – List two jobs or internships you could apply for to enter this career.
  4. After your research is complete, you will write a reflection that highlights all the positive and negative characteristics of the job, business or occupation that you are most interested in after your research.
  5. Analyze your reactions to the experience and then reveal your current thoughts and plans on pursuing that job or career.
  6. All students will be expected to give a short presentation on their job shadow experience in their AG.
  7. Complete a CRLE Reflection Form

Please note that you may NOT job shadow any member of your family!

For any questions or details please contact Heather Bashor at bashor_heather@silverfalls.k12.or.us or 503-873-6331 ext. 3820.