Title Name Email
Principal Wade Lockett
Assistant Principal Jodi Drescher
Assistant Principal Johnie Ferro
Assistant Principal / Athletic Director James Rise
Class Name Email
Class of 2020 Barnabas Wong
Class of 2021 Kevin Ortega
Class of 2022 Stacey White
Class of 2023 Kristie Hays”
Special Services
Department Name Email
Youth Transition Coordinator Michaela Straub
Advisory Group Heather Bashor
Academic Resource Center Valerie Brown
LRC Secretary Lori Fitch
Special Education Mary Rankin
Homeless & Migrant Services Jose Rivera Sanchez
TAG Coordinator Jessica West
Subject Area Name Email
Spanish Russell Albright
Social Studies Eric Anderson
Special Education – TLC Rachel Ayers
Language Arts Stacy Barker
CTE Protective Services / Work Experience (Chairperson) Kirsten Barnes, Ed.D.
ASB Heather Bashor
Science Clarissa Bay
Math (Chairperson) Natasha Beliakoff
Social Studies (Chairperson) Chris Blackburn
Art Banyon Boyd
Math Todd Brown
Academic Resource Center / Teen Parent Contact Valerie Brown
Math Heidi Candee
Math Suzanne Cassim
Language Arts Josh Craig
PE / Health Erik Cross
Science Madison DeLong
Family & Consumer Studies Kim Emmert
Math Joyce Garlinghouse
PE / Health Neal Glynn
CTE Mechanical Technology Jared Green
Choir (Chairperson) Cole Haole-Valenzuela
Technology Director / CTE ICT & AP Instructor Drew Hinds
CTE Engineering & Construction Daren Houts
French / Spanish Katie Kantrowitz
English Language Development Cheryl Klopfenstein
Special Education / Basic Skills Program David Leaton
Social Studies Shauna Litts
Social Studies / Read 180 Elena Mandish
Art Jody Mandish
Science (Chairperson) Chris Martin
CTE Industrial Arts / Agriculture Sarah McArthur
Social Sciences / Language Arts Nick McWilliams
CTE Business & Technology Riane Miles
Language Arts Nancy Miller
Language Arts Lauren Morgan
PE / Health (Chairperson) Jessica Newton
Social Studies Alyssa Ogle
Drama Doug Ousterhout
Band Frank Petrik
Special Education / Learning Resource Center (Chairperson) Cheryl Pooleon
PE / Health Craig Porter
Science Danielle Post
CTE AP Comp. Programming Instructor Craig Rankin
Special Education / Learning Resource Center Mary Rankin
Science Shari Read
Math Lucky Rogers
Spanish Sarah Roth
Social Studies Steve Roth
Librarian Nicole Sallee
Math Debra Satrum
Language Arts Brandon Sherrard
CTE Media Arts / Yearbook Abby Shetler
Social Studies Jeff Sigado
Language Arts (Chairperson) Melissa Sinn
Language Arts Christine South
Math Tom Steers
Science Brandon Stoddard
Science Alison Stolfus
Special Education / SLP / Culinary Steve Taray
CTE Industrial Arts / Agriculture Scott Towery
Special Education / Learning Resource Center Hank Ulven
Spanish Christy Weaver
Language Arts / TAG Jessica West
Social Studies Jared Wilson
Math Derek Zeis
Support Staff
Services Name Email
Counseling Secretary Molly Abdou
Bookkeeper Adela Aguilar
Security Juan Benavidez
Attendance Secretary Julie Brown
Registrar / Scholarship Coordinator Christine Chorazy
Administration Secretary Emma Dettwyler
Data Specialist / Testing Coordinator Heidi Eberle
Kiosk Cathy Fennimore
Office Manager Melissa King
FFA Clerical Assistant Michelle Kuenzi
Food Services Mary Jo Lundquist
Security Dan Magee
Athletic Secretary Valerie Martinson
Website Administrator Derek McElfresh
Student Success Advocate Esmeralda Meraz
In School Suspension Supervisor Catherine Moore
PE Assistant Kelly Murphy
Administration Secretary / Facility Use / Substitute Coordinator Lisa Roth
Nurse Geralyn Sheets
Copy Clerk Dawn Smith